Goldfever in Tanzania

9th December 2015

Recently it rumoured throughout Tanzania, that new pockets of the mineral was found in the dry bush-lands near Chikloma village, around 80 km from the official capital Dodoma. Hundreds of small-scale miners have since made their way to the area, using their last savings on the ticket there. Sponsors pay for the worn out tools and the simple diet, in exchange taking 60 percent of the minerals found. So far, not much have been found here. The life here is rough, and many are less than 1000 Tanzanian Schilling (0,5 USD) per day, barely covering the daily banghi (weed) and konyagi (strong local booze) consumption, which gets many here through the exhausting work. People here don’t have money to go back home, and can only wish for luck to strike the place. Most are hoping to find the big vein of gold, before the government decides to hand over the mine to large investors, and leaves the small-scale miners jobless once again.

Published on VICE